Mission Statement

Our mission is to lend assistance to the Amputee's of Arizona and beyond by any available means which are reasonable and forthright. The areas of assistance, when funds are available, will be in the form of:

  1. Financial assistance for prosthesis procurement and repair
  2. Tax deductible receipts to amputees or their families for prostheses that are donated to the SAF Limb Bank
  3. Education for all parties associated with the prosthetic treatment of amputees
  4. Athletic Amputee Sports sponsorships

Financial Assistance

As funds are available, selected amputees will receive prosthetic care that is paid partially or in full by the SAF. The SAF is a new philanthropic entity and will require that a whole host of other larger resources be exhausted first, ie, Easter Seals, MDA, local churches, etc. The SAF will subrogate to any third party payer without question. This prosthetic care can be in the following forms;

  1. Funds will be dispersed to a Prosthetic lab on the behalf of the amputee in question, after approval.
  2. A prosthetist may be contracted to build each prosthesis, which ever is less expensive to SAF. This will be the case more often when parts from the Limb Bank are used.

Tax Deductable Receipts

One of the greatest resources that SAF offers is to allow amputees and their families a means of recouping some of the value of a donated prosthesis. These donations occur generally because of death or physiological change. Any donations valued at more than $500 must be appraised by a third party in the field of prosthetics or orthotics.


Education is of paramount importance in the prosthetic field. It plays a greater role in the prosthetic field over other medical fields because it is such a small and obscure industry. Education of the amputee is our main focus, but almost as important is the education of prosthetic personnel.

The SAF will supply local support groups and prosthetic facilities with educational material in printed form. The general public may also be better informed by public service announcements.

The SAF will subsidize the continuing education cost of the prosthetist or prosthetic facility that it chooses to use. This assures that the amputees treated by the SAF will get the best of care with state-of-the-art technology.

As a future goal, the SAF will establish a scholarship fund to sponsor a student through college to become a Prosthetist. The prerequisites are that they be under the age of twenty, live in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA and have over 4 years experience as an orthotic and prosthetic tech. A further prerequisite is that the recipient of this scholarship sign a contract and agree to five hours of community service to the SAF every month for four years.

Amputee Sports

As a lower but still very important goal, the SAF will sponsor amputees in different sporting events. This sponsorship may come in the form of entry fees, travel or equipment. The SAF may also host a sporting event such as a golf tournament as a ways-and-means project for the general fund.