Do-It-Yourself Prosthetic Liner

Ray Fikes CPO, cofounder of SAF, has a patent pending on a do­it­yourself prosthetic silicone liner system. This is comprised of a very lightweight plastic two­piece molding system that fits together with a void for liquid RTV (room temperature vulcanization) silicone.

Prosthetic silicone liners can cost in excess of $800 apiece. In the system developed by Ray, an amputee can buy silicone from the SAF after buying the proper molds, $59­$89, and make their own liners for around $39­$49. The silicone is a liquid the consistency of honey and is mixed in equal parts of A and B. This mixture is then poured into the negative mold and the positive mold is inserted. Six hours later you have your own silicone liner. Our slogan is; “if you can make Jell­O you can make a liner”.

These liners are not only for recipients of SAF funds. Amputees with good insurance coverage can still only have 1 to 2 liners per year which does not address the very important issue of hygiene. If you’re not an amputee, try wearing the same pair of socks every day for a year and you will see the significance of this insufficient coverage. Additionally, there are thousands of amputees that received an expensive liner that the prosthesis was designed around and have now lost their coverage. There is no way that they can afford to pay $800 for liner out of their pocket. This provides them an affordable alternative.

Helping us promote Do­It­Yourself Liners among all amputees makes the SAF money through the sale of molds and silicone subscriptions. Referrals to our liner project by SAF volunteers builds credits for their prosthetic needs.